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K800i synchronising with Mac OSX

I’ve finally managed to dump the abominable Treo650. After years of Palm use I’ve called it a day: crap OS, daily restarts, fat form factor, pathetic microphone and a camera that’s like a myopic squint. In my time with Orange I’ve had three of them (Threo?) due to problems, breakdowns and general crapness.

Welcome, then, the new Sony Ericsson K800i. Small, nicely built, good camera and it’s just a phone! I will miss the QWERTY keyboard of the Treo but that’s it.

Anyway, first impression led to the realisation that here’s yet another thing that doesn’t sync with the Mac via iSync (should be renamed “MightSync”). A quick google however led me to the rather excellent and his iSync plugins.

After a vast £1.49 (honest) later I had a plugin that just worked exactly as stated. Brilliant!

It reminded me of the wonders of micro-charging. For £1.49 it’s not worth not trying it, if that makes sense. The cost of time looking for options or fiddling in vain is far greater.

So – with a quick “thank you” and a plug for the site I’m off to enjoy good sound quality, good build, decent camera and reliable operation…. I hope!

Now all I need to do is the Sucker’s Dance of buying more new format memory cards, chargers, adaptors etc.

Progress, eh?

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  1. How intuitive is the user interface? – still reluctant to stray from Nokia after a horrific Motorola experience a few years ago. It seem as if the engineers thought the users were exceptional stupid and need to confirm everything. The experience went something like this: select name in phone book – confirm want to select it – Y – select want to phone it – confirm want to phone it (in case I was joking).Y – confirm really want to phone (added the last one but that is what it felt like)

    I was humbled by Nokia’s carefulness when I was trying to save a new number and it turned out my phone book was full (on the SIM card) but rather than abandon me, the screen asked me to select a number to delete or cancel! Lovely

    Interest to know how Sony and the big E measure up?

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