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[Freebie] 5 free tickets to InternetRetailing conference

[Freebie] 5 free tickets to InternetRetailing conference

One of the downsides of being Editor is being nagged for freebie tickets to our conference. One of the upsides, of course, is being able to say “yes”… I have 5 free passes to the conference – see below for details.

There is no need to send in your children’s birth certificates, nor even the deeds to your homes. Simply register to receive the newsletter and then email ‘‘ with the title “gimme a free pass”.

You will then be entered into a Digital Hat, shaken vigorously by our publisher and five lucky readers will be informed that they, yes they, will be attending Internet Retailing 2006, our inaugural conference.

I’m informed that the conference is nearly sold out and so these tickets don’t carry a guarantee of a chair, but I’m sure that we’ll be in full compliance with Fire Regs and Health and Safety laws.

This also means that people can stop mailing me with sob stories, offers of gifts, threats of revealing secrets and even offers of exclusive stories: just mail ‘’ as above and the magic cyberpixies will do the rest.

CLOSING DATE: midnight on 19 September, 2006.

1) no-spamming guarantee. You’ll get signed up to the newsletter if not already a subscriber: please say in your email if you don’t want to be registered.
2) Terms and conditions should probably apply, but other than privacy they don’t. Our publisher-owner-lord&master’s decision is final, and no warranties are made nor implied as to the existence of either a “Digital Hat” nor “magic cyberpixies”.

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