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Month: November 2010

Microposting(s) for October 4th through November 22nd

These my micropostings and bookmarks – October 4th through November 22nd:

  • The Best of Artisan Cosmetics | Fast Company – “If you wouldn’t eat your bath and body products, you’re using the wrong stuff”
  • Comet boss believes less-is-more philosophy will beat Best Buy | Business | The Guardian – Nice article on the response of Comet to the “Big Box” and discount-led approach of Best Buy.

    Hugh Harvey, MD, said “Today the role of the internet is to provide the catalogue and the role of the store is to provide the experience of the showroom – almost like a department store. We have made the transition from an out-of-town shed operator to an out-of-town store and our fit and finish is much different to how it was.”

  • Helzberg – I Am Loved – Interesting new site, powered by Bazaarvoice and their Stories system. Note the way that UGC and stories are being edited into TV/broadcast video stories to amplify the intersection of customer’s stories and brand values.
  • China’s Homegrown Luxury | China International Business – Intersting article, courtesy of the business of fashion blog, on this rise of indigenous, craft-inspired luxury in china. A glimmer of the future today…
  • Literature and Latte – Links – Stupendously useful and informative page on writing tools, word-processing and screen writing. All that I need now is an idea 😉
  • Fashion 2.0 | Provenance? There’s an App for That − BoF – The Business of Fashion – Nice piece on the important of provenance and (as we non-luxury folk would say) “transparent supply chain”.

    Cute to see the app angle, although people like Icebreaker make this available via their “Baaacodes” on their websites. Not sure that there’s a sufficiently compelling call to fire up an app, but the trend is a positive one.