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Month: July 2010

Microposting(s) for June 28th through July 17th

These my micropostings and bookmarks – June 28th through July 17th:

  • Twitter’s Ascension in Japan – Thomas Crampton – Twitter = mumble, the liking for blogging anonymously, and a haiku-esque brevity all help Twitter fare well in Japan. Neat article.
  • Slow fashion: forever yours | Life and style | The Guardian – A new trend towards not having trends? 😉

    Attractive-sounding approach – neo-classics and perennials – emphasising quality and fitness to purpose over the ‘wastefulness’ of fast fashion… Difficult to see this as more than a curated ‘new trend’ to replace the justificiation each year of buying a ‘new twist on a classic’, routine, however the trend to a mixed, eclectic approach is certainly interesting.

    Can’t help thinking, however, it’s just called being a grown-up rather than 18 years old, and sad to see that we’re now calling a ‘mixed price-point’ assortment “egalitarian”… the revolutionaries at the barricades were not after the right to mix Hermes with Bic, or to storm the Bastille wearing Converse as well as Laboutin!

  • Insert Batteries Any Way You Like With Microsoft Instaload | Fast Company – Great idea. Even though it’s been a long time coming, it’s something to enjoy just of itself.
  • Organic Magazine Theme – Nice wordpress organic theme…
  • High Line 2 Sneak Peek: Lounging Lawn, Flyovers, and the “Chelsea Thicket” | Fast Company – Nice article and sneak peak on activity at The High Line in NYC. Really inspiring and a wonderful experience within the ur-city of New York.

    Thanks again to @tlittleton for advising me to visit 🙂