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Month: June 2010

Microposting(s) for May 28th through June 28th

These my micropostings and bookmarks – May 28th through June 28th:

  • The Ultimate List: 300+ Social Media Statistics – Erk. 300+? Social Mediaites sure love their statistics about social media… and then put them into such purty videos too!
  • Nice-looking and configurable twitter ticker (eduVoyage: Ruby on Rails Development)
  • MILLENNIALS AND ENTERPRISE2.O « Futures-Diagnosis – Quoth Norman in considering this myth, as a prelude to Enterprise2.0

    “The myth of digital whizzkids

    The myth of the digital whizzkid needs to be challenged for four reasons:

    First, because it mistakenly assumes that young people effortlessly adopt digital technology into their lives because they are into the technology;
    Secondly, because the myth of digitally savvy children is actually an expression of adult confusion about how to conduct their relations with children, which has little to do with children’s relationship to the new media;
    Third, because it flatters children instead of critically engaging them in a quest to engage more fully with the technology itself; to understand the science and mathematics behind the magic of the digital world;
    Fourth, because by reducing adults to the level of children in need of expert guidance, it infantilises serious questions regarding collaboration in the workplace.”

  • Brian Skerry reveals ocean’s glory — and horror | Video on – Wonderful underwater photography, with a tough message.
  • iPhone vs. Android | Nielsen Wire – Some nice, current factoids on usage and demographics between iPhone and Android users. Nicest of all a section on the respective desires to stick with their OS on their next phone…
  • If the past is a palimpsest, what are we? | MetaFilter – Recovered and fabricated memory…

    “happiness is more important than truth” in evolutionary terms.