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Month: December 2009

Christmas in Newport, Pembrokeshire

In between the rain and snow, a brief and uplifting moment of sunshine on Newport Beach (“traeth mawr” or ‘big beach’).

Rainbow on Newport Beach
Rainbow on Newport Beach

We’d determined to ‘walk the kids’ every day for a couple of hours, come rain or shine, and this was the first time that the “shine” part had kicked in.

Made it all worthwhile.

The image, btw, is taken on the iPhone using the Pano app to stitch together 3 images.

Microposting(s) for November 23rd through December 2nd

These my micropostings and bookmarks – November 23rd through December 2nd:

  • What Is A Klout Score? – The Klout score – an interesting (and openly-stated) measure of twitter “clout”. Props to them for their opennes – much to ponder.
  • Twitter Fan Wiki / Mashups – Useful list of twitter resources and mashups.
  • Twitter API Wiki / Twitter API Documentation – The Twitter API documentation – the what and how of accessing information from the mighty twitter
  • Jack Cheng — Jack of all trades, master of none. – Great weblog: – tone, content and design. Particularly like the time-based nav (top) and the footer.
  • Mr B – Emporium of reading delights in Bath. in particular is a great idea – building on the store experience, with a twist of humour and individuality.

    This, surely, is why passionate, niche retailers will survive and hopefully thrive?