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20 May – Chapman Bros, Rob Ryan, Gavin Turk, Iain Sinclair, Ben Day, Matthew Williamson – and 6 croissant. Charity Auction for Sonia

This Thursday, 20 May, the community near Columbia Road, E2, is putting on a charity auction, with some stupendous works of art, of generosity and fun in order to raise money for Sonia.

Sonia is a young and much-loved teacher who suffered a devastating stroke last year leaving her severely disabled. This auction is to raise money to adapt her home and therefore support her independent living.

Taking place at Columbia Primary School, there are some stupendous lots: originals from the Chapman Brothers, Rob Ryan, Gavin Turk, Nelly Duff and a wonderful 1 hour personal tour of Hackney by Iain Sinclair.

We also have hand-delivered warm croissant from Joe’s Newsagent (a local legend), decluttering help, prints, photos, guidance, massage, rare Adidas trainers… You need to see the whole catalogue for info…

Latest news will be on, and there’s a full auction listing here (pdf): raisetheroof-auction-lots.


If you can come along then please do – it’ll be a real event and there’s an opportunity either to get some wonderful, one-off art/artefacts at a great price, or (gasp!) pay the full price for them and help secure Sonia’s future.

If you’re coming do let me know. I’ll be there later and we’ll be having a post-auction drink/nibble. Let me know so I have the vaguest chance of being organised!

Meanwhile, if you’re an event organiser or someone who’s thinking of asking me to speak, my own personal contribution is here:

Please do come along. It’s going to be a remarkable and fun evening and to assist a remarkable teach who’s impact on my daughter and countless others will be life-long and positive.