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Copenhagen, January 2011

I was pleased to be invited to speak in Aarhus and Copenhagen by, one of the top agencies in Denmark.

I’ve mentioned the content of the speeches over on, but here are some photos from Copenhagen…

The Flickr set is here:

Some images:

L1011458 - Version 2L1011448 - Version 2L1011412 - Version 2

L1011336 - Version 2L1011345 - Version 2L1011359 - Version 2

All images with the M8.2 and 35mm Summicron Asph.

Guerilla ‘tree art’ in E2

On 23 November 2009 I was taking the kids to school and saw this tree on the corner of Columbia Road and Ravenscroft Street. Nothing odd about there being a tree, just the fact it was no ‘bedecked in flowers’, like something from a mumming dance/pagan ceremony/US schmaltzy film…

No reason, no note, just planned, well-executed prettiness in the midst of urban London.


Update – 20101206

Here are some photos from the guerilla’s recent floral interventions: beautiful red garlands hung in a tree in Ravenscroft Park, opposite Londis.

IMG_2938.jpg IMG_2942.jpg

Tashtastic result for Movemeber: record-breaking amounts raised for prostate cancer charities, research and care.


Thanks to some incredible generosity by InternetRetailing readers, advertisers and supporters, your Internet Retailing team have braved (if that’s the word?) embarrassment and taunts throughout November, growing (or should I say “growing”?) moustaches to raise money to combat prostate cancer.

The month of November has been renamed ‘Movember’ as men – singly or in teams – start clean-shaven on 1 November and then attempt to grow, maintain and carry off a moustache for the whole month.

As you can see from the ‘mount tashmore’ banner, we had varying levels of success, but overall we managed to raise nearly £5,000.

Actually, we were £43 short of our target, so if you fancy pushing us over the edge you can donate as well as seeing pictures of the team in their various levels of tashdom here:

Thanks again to all who supported, and also to those who mailed supportive notes while giving to other teams – the words soothed the embarrassment signficantly.

You can see the money raised here:

and the IR team finished 20th in the UK for teams of under 10 – thanks again for the support.

There were some 112,000 participants in the UK (hence the large number of emails asking for your money!) and nearly 450,000 globally. The UK has to date raised nearly £8m for this important cause.

Full information on the funds raised and the use of proceeds is available here:

Once again, we thank you.

Now, time to grow the beard again!

20 May – Chapman Bros, Rob Ryan, Gavin Turk, Iain Sinclair, Ben Day, Matthew Williamson – and 6 croissant. Charity Auction for Sonia

This Thursday, 20 May, the community near Columbia Road, E2, is putting on a charity auction, with some stupendous works of art, of generosity and fun in order to raise money for Sonia.

Sonia is a young and much-loved teacher who suffered a devastating stroke last year leaving her severely disabled. This auction is to raise money to adapt her home and therefore support her independent living.

Taking place at Columbia Primary School, there are some stupendous lots: originals from the Chapman Brothers, Rob Ryan, Gavin Turk, Nelly Duff and a wonderful 1 hour personal tour of Hackney by Iain Sinclair.

We also have hand-delivered warm croissant from Joe’s Newsagent (a local legend), decluttering help, prints, photos, guidance, massage, rare Adidas trainers… You need to see the whole catalogue for info…

Latest news will be on, and there’s a full auction listing here (pdf): raisetheroof-auction-lots.


If you can come along then please do – it’ll be a real event and there’s an opportunity either to get some wonderful, one-off art/artefacts at a great price, or (gasp!) pay the full price for them and help secure Sonia’s future.

If you’re coming do let me know. I’ll be there later and we’ll be having a post-auction drink/nibble. Let me know so I have the vaguest chance of being organised!

Meanwhile, if you’re an event organiser or someone who’s thinking of asking me to speak, my own personal contribution is here:

Please do come along. It’s going to be a remarkable and fun evening and to assist a remarkable teach who’s impact on my daughter and countless others will be life-long and positive.

Woo – “Ghost Writer” – Olivia’s film premieres at the Berlin Film Festival

So, leaving aside any nitpicking points about whether “premieres” is a verb, or whether it’s Polanski’s film or Olivia Williams‘, suffice to say that it’s the ‘Olivia connection’ (via Sophie, Olivia’s sister, longest-standing friend etc) that has Vicky heading off to Berlin on the 12th for the premiere of the film at t’Berlin Film Festival.

Here’s the trailer:

The official website’s here:

I’m assuming that the URL is not a reference to Polanski’s imminent disappearance at the US Federal Authorities’ pleasure, just a reference to the book 😉

Looks like it’ll be a blast of a film and I’m looking forward to photos of the evening (while yours truly stays at home and minds the kids – a quid pro quo for one too many trips this year).

Christmas in Newport, Pembrokeshire

In between the rain and snow, a brief and uplifting moment of sunshine on Newport Beach (“traeth mawr” or ‘big beach’).

Rainbow on Newport Beach
Rainbow on Newport Beach

We’d determined to ‘walk the kids’ every day for a couple of hours, come rain or shine, and this was the first time that the “shine” part had kicked in.

Made it all worthwhile.

The image, btw, is taken on the iPhone using the Pano app to stitch together 3 images.

The Guide: Artwork by Clement Price-Thomas

Wow – I love this!

A friend’s brother’s just won an art prize and when I initially looked at the video (distracted, sorry), I didn’t really “get” it. Half way through it hit me – great idea, beautifully executed and recorded with restraint. Tip: look at the leaves…

Anyway, Clem won the Celeste Prize in the Video, Installation, Sculpture category. Nice one. Here’s the video…

The Guide from Clement Price – Thomas on Vimeo.

Nelly Duff/Eine World Record Print and private view


We’ve been fans of Nelly Duff for ages, and our growing collection of prints attests to this. Cassius & Co are not only knowledgeable and infectiously enthusiastic, but also full of great ideas and a sense of fun.

The latest ‘wheeze’ was collaborating with Eine (rumoured to be, ahem, Banksy’s print-maker and of course recognised creator of the alphabet of ‘circus font’ stencils that adorn most of Shoreditch and Hoxton’s store shutters). The collaboration involved a world record attempt for the largest number of individual screens and colours in a single print. More info is on Eine’s page at Nelly Duff.

IMG_0554.jpg IMG_0555.jpg IMG_0553.jpg

The print is a w-less alphabet, with each letter taking 3 separate passes: the base colour, the outline/border colour and then the stripey fill. None of the colours are used elsewhere in the print so this is 3×25 ie 75 individual screen passes, plus the black and white – 77 in total. All of course need to be precisely in register.

We ordered the print white, but there’s also a run on black and on gold.

The private view on 7 May, 2009 was a real scream. It was held in a car respraying place just north of Brick Lane. The added cunningness was that they’d pulled a print at each stage of the printing process (ie #1 had only the white base, while #76 had every letter finished, bar one final colour pass). The whole 77 series was arrayed around the room. You can see the panorama of the PV at the top.


UPDATE: See the photos of the event on Nelly’s blog.

Amsterdam images

Just updated Flickr with some images I took in Amsterdam while at the IADS conference.

I managed to get a couple of hours’ wandering done after the conference and was lucky with some bright, early spring weather: low sun, nice contrast and best of all wonderful wandering weather.

I took a stroll up to the Central Station and then walked along the river/waterfront before cutting back through the station.

I used a combination of my two favourite films atm – Fuji’s 800Z Pro for colour and Neopan 400 for B&W.

The scans were done as ever by the nice folk at Panther Digital but, with the difficulty of getting really solid, contrasty blacks on the 800Z I’m thinking that perhaps it’s time to do a little scanning at home (yes, I know I said I would never do it AND I sold my Nikon scanner ages ago and now wish I hadn’t… Sigh. Moral of the tale – never sell anything!).