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Speaking: Sense Network and London College of Fashion

It’s been another busy speaking week.

On Wednesday 25th I gave a version of my Epiphenomena and Magic presentation to the folk at the Sense Network. Great venue (loft floor on Wardour Street) and a fun, engaging crowd. Slides from this presentation are the same as for Digital Shorts: see them on Slideshare.

On Thursday evening, 26th, I spoke at the London College of Fashion for the BA in Fashion Management students, as well as some postgrad and faculty folk.  Leaving aside the rather peculiar feeling that ‘being in a classroom’ can engender, we had a fun and interactive evening discussing the commercial implications and opportunities for fashion given the UK’s sophisticated online customer.

The slides are available as ever on Slideshare, or below:

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  1. ged, you’re right of course. i was just trying to be controversial – although i think there is an element of truth to it. to mat’s point, we pr-types obsess about measuring stuff, but often measure the wrong thing. influence, it’s a bight rugger… innit?
    This comment was originally posted on renaissance chambara | Ged Carroll

  2. Ged, it is long overdue, the implications of “PR is Offline Search Optimisation”… are twofold.
    First, whatever discipline you are working in, you need to make your communications so memorable that when someone asks for a recommendation, your brand pops-up top of the list.
    Second, go for fame. However good your creative idea, if people don’t end-up talking about it, it won’t be driving successful ’searches’ for your brand – so make sure it’s talkable if you want word-of-mouth.
    I;m conscious that this refers to only part of your post. So there’s a somewhat fuller set of thoughts on it on my blog. Thx
    This comment was originally posted on renaissance chambara | Ged Carroll

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