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Jobs for House of Fraser: Web Copywriter

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I have been working for the last few months with House of Fraser, the UK’s destination department store for premium brands and designers, to launch their multichannel capability with a major web launch.

To borrow an American phrase, the ‘rubber’s about to hit the road’ and HOF is now recruiting the key members of the team.

Admittedly I’m biased, but I feel that these are great roles with the opportunity to make a major impact in etailing. HOF is gloriously politics-free, has a real ‘can do’ feel and the etail activities have the full and visible support of the Board. It’s an opportunity to really crack on, taking a lovely new platform as a starting point and building on that to meet some excitingly ambitious targets 🙂

Here’s the blurb on the Web Copywriter:

* Combining creative flair with ruthless procedural approaches and deep analytical rigour, you will at once create sparkling copy owning the linguistic tone of our brand online while setting standards for others to follow while continually experimenting with, and optimising, our copy to maximise profit.
* This is not a role for a ‘woolly creative’ or poet aspirant. Rather, it’s for a cunning, rigorous wordsmith who will charm the money willingly from our customers, delight our prestige suppliers with the presentation of their products, tweak AdWords and page copy to outperform our competitors’ conversion rates and whose curiosity and excitement with the commercial impact of aweinspiring prose is undimmed.
* Needless to say, you will have a comfortable fluency and you will not wear your grammatical precision in too stuffy a manner.
* Our competitors will try and poach you every week, and colleagues will wonder why you don’t leave to found a highflying creative agency. Only we will know that we hold your family hostage and have chained you discretely to the desk…

You can see the full details on e-consultancy’s job board.

Feel free to ping me with any questions.

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