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PocketMod – paper, pocket, disposable organiser

PocketMod: The Free Disposable Personal Organizer


Having recently dumped the Treo650 (or “threo”, I should say, since it was my third unremittingly crap, subfunctional, crash-happy ‘pocket-anchor’) I am just getting used to a mobile phone that – erk – works. I am also rather enjoying “bits of paper” as a great always-on, crash-free way of dumping thoughts from my brain to my pocket (in case they rub against my skull and wear a hole in it).

The veritable Hipster PDA has already been well covered but I never liked the bulldog clip.

I’ve been enjoying origami things of late – notably the devastatingly wonderful origami envelope – and this PocketMod combines simple paper, a tiniest touch of folding elan and a rather nifty interface that allows you to ‘build’ your own notebook.

Anything from blank pages to a sudoku addict’s journey pad, it’s a slick interface and a neat idea. Best of all though – especially at half term – is that my kids love them and are currently running around the house with their coloured-in ‘fairy books’.

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