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“Just the one” – drinks invite

When I worked at ICP, towards the end of our time there it became a bit of a joke that we went to the local for “Just the one” before heading home. One turned to Two and before long it was a bit of a blur exactly how one got home!

In honour therefore of some interesting times through the boom and bust, a number of us meet from time to time for a “quickie”: refugees all from BBC Online, ICP, office-sharers and, well, the drinking clan of the Holborn area.

It’s therefore time for the next installment:

11 May 2006

6.30pm onwards (just the one, of course)

Clerkenwell House

Here’s hoping it’ll be a warm enough evening to loiter outside.

Clerkenwell House has seen the dot com come and go. We went from 10 people to over 100, back to 8 and then up to 50 between 2000 and 2004, and in that time all leaving “do”s, joining drinks, celebrations, sales closure meetings and ‘strategic development brainstorms’ have been held there. I’ll be fun to be back there for a drink after a long year away.

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