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Linked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means

Very enjoyable and thought-provoking book. Step by step examination of the emergent network theory behind the popular “six degrees of separation” that we now take as a truism – by the person who seems to have made many of the major advances. The first 50 pages are a quick read, and I nodded along thinking “yeah, I get this”, only to have the next 200 pages show how this was an overly simple view and take us through to a more current, complex understanding. Well-written if very dense. There are dozens of pages of detailed notes at the end – showing the academic foundations – but it also meant that the end came rather quicker than I’d expected! Worth a read if you’ve got beyond the pop-science re-treads of network theory, but you’re not actually enough of a mathematician to be hanging with the researchers 🙂