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The Bus Uncle – Wikipedia

Thanks to Antony, our ‘man on the ground’ in HK, I’ve just caught up with the global phenomenon that is “Bus Uncle”. This wikipedia article shows WP at its best: rapid, considered, analytical and giving an excellent cultural view – I can but point you at it and step back. The wonderful aspects of this are the way the “meme” (pur-lease) has spread so quickly and the immense enthusiasm of the parodists and spoofers: there are fake movie posters, spin-offs, catch-phrases… You know we’re in a digital world and that Steve Job’s cry that we’re all now media producers is true when you check out the footnotes to the story: here is one of the spin-offs:

Music: Eagles’ ‘Hotel California‘ in ”’Uncle Bus”’ and Crazy Frog Remix (Featuring William Hung)

Thanks Antony!