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Movable Type: the fiddler’s curse

Oh dear. I’ve been wanting to move my blog layout to a 3 column one for ages and found some pretty good instructions, to be fair.

Since I don’t have the luxury of a) a couple of hours without interruption/real work and b) in-depth technical skills that allow me to laugh with scorn at such a trivial task you’ll notice that the site atm is, ahem, “in transition”.

All should be back over the weekend (and, let’s admit it, you’re not really missing the photo of me 😉 ) but it’s made me resolve to stick with standard templates in future and not to fiddle. Honest.

At least the new Stylecatcher plugin will mean that I can swap styles in future without having to recode, un-bodge and generally fiddle around.

If it weren’t for the fact that I want to have my data in the trusted hands of Isotoma who provide hosting etc then I’d certainly be better off using Typepad.

This brings me back to musings on the Web2.0 ‘ASP’ services and the importance of data (ie am I really that fussed? Isn’t a weekly backup less hassle than weekly fiddling?).

With a different hat on I’m working on a business at the moment that’ll be using blog software and in this case we’re going to use an ASP since not of us want to (nor are able) to support and develop the software to the standards we’d wish.

This just emphasises I suppose the difference between a hobby/learning activity (this blog) and real business!

Right, where’s that MT manual?