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Grampa “Penyasser”

Well, I suppose that we were overdue for a bout of imaginary people, but Alice surprised us last week with a new, imaginary grandfather.

Apparently, “my granpa” has been taking her to nursery, to soft play in Fishguard (obviously, a memorable soft play session from a raining day in Pembrokeshire one holiday) and buying her hair clips.

We asked, one day, what Granpa’s name might be and – without a pause – we’re told it’s Penyasser (or Penny-Asser? A sort of Spanish tilde-type pronunciation comes into play).

I must say that I rather like the name – makes me think of an ancient wizard or mediaeval king…

Anyway, she’s remained firm and unwavering on the name, and this morning we had mention of Penyasser’s dog – Bella Primrose.

Still, that’s par for the course on the naming front (their combined best suggestion for their impending baby brother’s name is Dora Kirsty). These ‘combo’ girly names are the norm, so it just makes us wonder even more about the origin of Penyasser.

If anyone’s got any suggestions – stories, characters etc that we may have missed – I’d be pleased to hear of them. In the meantime, Granpa is about to take her to the shop for an ice cream. That should be worth watching 😉