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“Microwaving Barbie is not exactly pathological”

spiked-life | Column | Reservoir Dolls?

Punchy and fun commentary by Jenny Bristow on a new piece of ‘research’ about girls, their Barbies and what they do with them.

It’s a fun read, with some good sideswipes and people turning the obvious or the inane into portentious conclusions.

Jenny concludes:

There were simply lots of kids, with lots of kids’ imaginations, playing games for which there was no justification or hidden agenda. Another trite-but-true maxim: ‘children say the funniest things’ – including such things as ‘I’ll tear your head off, Barbie bitch’. I can’t imagine that much has changed since then – except, perhaps, that there are more Barbies about, and They Deserve to Die.

That they do.