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“Newton Museum” – collection sold on eBay Curator of the Newton Museum sells collection on eBay

This brought a small lump to my throat, and a big “yip” to obsessives the world over.

I was a totaly ‘newton nut’ and desired one so, so badly that my heart both ached and skipped just thinking of them. This was when a Psion 3a was the height of ‘puterised diarising (gorblessit – still the best pocket pc, imho). Leaving aside the poor battery life, handwriting recognition etc etc, it was a PDA for the soul.

I know I bore to death on this topic since Doug a while ago bought me a Messagepad 110 off eBay and I thrill to what ‘could have been’ every time I fire it up (mainly just after Vicky’s told me to bin it or use it, and I wax sentimental about it once more…).

To see then NewtonMuseum up for sale elicits mixed emotions: sadness that it’s “closing” and a massive kick from scanning the whole collection – as if Aladdin’s Cave were catalogued and ready for distribution. Six large packing crates, apparently. Yum.

I love this guy’s obsession and I’m glad there are people like him who’ve made the effort to “curate” a collection. Then again, the “Call of Clearance” (to get rid of stuff and free up room for the kids and to breath) is also something I understand. Thankfully, this auction will be a record until eBay does a spring clean. Here’s to another obsessive with deep pockets laying down some cash!