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Olympics 2012 | London unveils logo of 2012 Games

So let me get this right: an out of touch Tory Lord and a septuagenarian once-trendy designer have come up with a logo that, erm, is to connect with and inspire the Yoot of da YooKay.

Compared to some of the previous olympic logos – nicely set out on this site – you really realise that the whole ‘cool brittania’ stuff was vapid patronising star-struck nonsense.

This is the visual equivalent of seeing a cardigan-wearing geography teacher letting rip on the floor of a school disco.

I wonder whether I’ll get to like this logo any more when the increased council tax bills start landing?

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  1. Wow, £400,000 for that? – I’m in the wrong business.

    They say that the design will evolve over the next 5 years, was that a follow up after the amount of negative feedback that they got? – “Erm, obviously it won’t stay like that, we always planned to change, I mean, *Evolve* it.”

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