Anti-linking: parody site “isolatr”


Thanks to Ian for this:

Our patented isolatr technology: Helping you find where other people aren’t”

The FAQ is hilarious – the sort you’d love to write during moments of frustration.

Thank goodness for satirists – or at least those who have the energy to do a site like this for our amusement 🙂

The Logos of Web2.0

The Logos of Web 2.0 | The FontShop FontFeed | Font blog, typography tips, and design news.

This is a great post, taking a ‘fontographer’s’ view (I think that’s the same as a typographic view, but I could be wrong…) at the logos of the ‘web2.0’ companies.

There’s certainly a distinctive “look” to any self-respecting W2 company’s website but it’s been difficult to characterise (other than saying “pastel colours, chunky san-serif fonts and lots of white”). This post gives a neat categorisation, examples, a guess at the font… Fun.

Most interesting though are the comments from the logo designers – that’s web community for you.

Now all we need is the parody site…