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Illiterate ad

Came across this ad the other day – couldn’t believe the language used. Not sure if the client approved this, the sub-editor was drunk or the recruiter really hated the client.
Names have been removed to protect the guilty. What does this say of the firm or the client?
Recruitment consultant's illiteracy
Ad illiteracy


Sigh – maybe it’s ironic? Or a graphic designer’s claim that an apostrophe can live above a random letter?

Apostrophe is more like ‘Nopostrophe’ with their season’s greetings…

The San Francisco Citizen » Blog Archive » Google Employees Press 14 Buttons to Operate Their Toilets.

The San Francisco Citizen | Google Employees Press 14 Buttons to Operate Their Toilets.

Wow. Admiration and fear.

I don’t understand quite how “Front Wash” can be effective while yet not splashing one’s shirt…

I also have a concern about continued functioning during a power cut. Backup power generation?

For those who’ve read Philip Kerr’s Gridiron – “a story about a highly technical building (nicknamed The Gridiron), which becomes self-aware and tries to kill everyone inside” – your main response to this will of course be fear of a rather horrid way to die…