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Micropostings for October 23rd from 10:40 to 21:48

These are my links for October 23rd from 10:40 to 21:48:

Carling’s digital “iPint” – sensible, inventive mobile advertising.

Thanks to an article in Indy (Clare Beale’s “On Advertising”) I’ve seen and now downloaded the most excellent iPhone guerilla/game/viral advert. It’s the first ad I’ve seen that “works” on mobile: the Carling iPint.

The app appears on the iPhone desktop and upon launch you are given the task of sliding a ping of – er – Carling from one end of the bar to the other.

This uses the iPhone’s motion sensors to good effect, and so is a great example of device-specific planning.


Tipping too far and the pint falls and smashes…


Once delivered to your iMate’s hands you’re “rewarded” with a virtual pint of Carling.


There’s a neat animation as the whole screen ‘fills’ with Carling, and…


… the liquid ‘tips’ as you move the iphone as if to drink it.


Once you’ve drained your pint you can then play again or mail the app to a friend.

So, this combines device-specific savvy, humour appropriate to the laddish demographic (toys + kit + beer + joke + game = bingo) and a viral aspect.

All we need now for ad-based perfection is:

  • location-awareness – “you’re next to a pub that’s pouring Carling now!”
  • integration with ecommerce (send receive vouchers, iBeerPoints [tm] and such like.

I’ve not seen such a well formed ad approach since the Lynx/Axe “feather” campaign.

It’s good to see this level of innovation and fun in mobile marketing – augurs so much better than blatting gifs to passers-by via bluetooth!

Blogging from the iphone

Just uploaded the new wordpress iPhone app and it’s simple, impresive and quick. Posting ‘on the go’ will be less of an exercise in masochism I hope…

Between the excellent new apps for Facebook, Twitter and now blogging there’ll be a rash of on-the-road “presentism”, status updating and thoughtstreams. Ok, now I’ve scared myself.