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Quilter Street Squirrels

It’s not often that I’m riled to the extent of wishing violent and evil harm upon the Lord’s creatures (well, Mice and Moths notwithstanding – both of which infest our house) but I find myself fantasising about the pain and destruction I could visit upon the Quilter Street Squirrel.

NOT – I hasten to point out – the lovely Red Squirrel (currently being decimated by Squirrel Pox in Formby – click image for full story), but the evil, despicable, rat-with-busy-tail grey squirrel.

A pox-free Formby Red Squirrel
A pox-free Formby Red Squirrel

When I’m able I work at home, gazing out over the Quilter Street Olive Tree and the less-than-amazing QS Fig Tree (neither overly figgy nor treelike). The tree had done really well this year – the ‘neglect’ theory from Greg proving particularly effective. I had been chatting to Manon about a harvest of, oh, over 60 olives. This compares well with last year’s crop of olives. Unfortunately, as I looked out of the window at the lovely squirrel (ahhh) sitting on the fence (ahhhh) I see it climb on to the olive tree (curious) and then grab an olive!

Cheeky thing. Too slow I’m in the garden and chasing it. And again later. A couple of times in a day. Then, one long weekend away with Granny Scotland and – darn – the tree is bare.

So – no olives this year but I’m going to try again next year. Any suggestions on squirrel control gratefully received. Note that air guns, poison and slings are all impossible for both practical and moral reasons. Well, practical mainly. So far though my only thought is non-stop High School Musical III – there must be a less cruel way.

RetailGreen – challenges and issues in green and sustainable ecommerce

“ – challenges and issues in green and sustainable ecommerce”

I’ve been interested for a while in the tension between “retail” (encouraging customers to buy more) and sustainability or ‘green’ sentiments (encouraging people to buy less – “reduce, reuse and recycle” being the operating mantra).

There are many benefits and challenges for retailers in considering sustainability as a part of their strategy and this group on LinkedIn is a first step to exploring this topic.

Mired in conflicting claims, in questions of how far to trace and cost impacts and benefits, and struggling to reconcile customer expressed claims with their measured behaviour, we expect some lively debates!

I invite you to join the group and help shape the debate.

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – lessons for efficiency and saving in sustainable commerce

  2. The sustainable customer – market pressures on retailers to ‘go green’. Following the ‘green dollar’

  3. Profiles of companies and their green activities, tribulations or market positioning.

You can join the group directly from this link: