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Happy, Hoppy New Year

Leaping Donkey (IMG_3300.JPG)

Originally uploaded by ikj

We decided not to slob this New Year’s Day and so made a picnic and headed out to walk in St James’ Park. The idea was to have the park to ourselves, no traffic, free parking and a bracing run around then humble picnic (since of course nothing’d be open).


London was packed with left-over revellers and there was also the New Year Parade (apparently been going for years – never knew). This meant we couldn’t park, couldn’t get to St James’ and ended up in Mayfair wandering through the end-of-parade bits as they “de-paraded” (what do you do at the end of your particular parading? “Stop”? “De-commence”? “De-parade”?).

Anyway, a whole troupe of donkeys (actually, I should say a ‘pace of donkeys‘) passed by: some dressed as Rudolf, pulling traps, carrying kids – madness. The Donkey Breed Society, it seems.

Anyway, this particular Jack was in a right old mood, bucking and kicking. He was really out of character with the weirdly jovial pace (and all the more funny because of that). I just managed to get a shot as he had all fours off the floor.

This levitating donkey struck me as a nice start to the year.

Happy New Year to one and all: peace, health and prosperity to you, as well as a few moments of feet-off-the-ground fun!