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Microposting(s) for March 9th through March 15th

These my micropostings and bookmarks – March 9th through March 15th:

  • – Quoth them:

    Neuroscience provides a deep, clear view into the real-world, real-time reactions of consumers at the most elemental level: their brainwaves.

    The human brain reacts to stimuli in milliseconds. NeuroFocus captures these reactions thousands of times every second.

    Our sophisticated methodologies measure:

    * Attention
    * Emotional Engagement
    * Memory Retention

    From those we derive gauges of:

    * Persuasion,
    * Awareness
    * Novelty

    These are the six critical metrics that determine consumers’ engagement with your brand, with your marketing, with your messaging or other content. ”


  • 10 Best Twitter Tools for WordPress Blogs
  • Visual Recipes – Okonomiyaki aka Japanese Pizza Recipe
  • Hacker Public Radio – Nice site, nice idea, well implemented. Hacker podcasts, by experts, for experts, but with others able to listen in.
  • Wooden train buildings & Scenery – Discounted Brio wooden trains. Everyone needs more trains. And more track. And more trains. And more track…