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OMG – “Dilbert 2.0” – 20th anniversary hardback. Welcome to my bookshelf!

So, as if I weren’t already “media’d-out” by staying up till 1am each night this week watching the slow-but-winning first series of The Wire out of the 5-series box-set (a wonderful pressie from Vicky who’s trying to wean me off CSI…) I have just received in t’post the beautifully produced and weighty 20th Anniversary Dilbert hardback, slipcased, glossy, colour, tactile-heaven book.

Dilberts 20th Anniversary hardback
Dilbert's 20th Anniversary hardback

Admittedly, our beleaguered and bowed Postie wasn’t happy, but I certainly was 🙂

The book’s a large format – more ‘fork lift’ than ‘coffee table’ – but the binding and slipcase are weighty and well constructed. Think ‘woodworking’ rather than ‘cardboard’. The structure is neat too: an essay from Scott on his earliest cartoons, lucky breaks, disappointments and the growth of Dilbert – as a character and a syndicated cartoon. The book then has pages of cartoons categorised into the various ‘phases’ of the last 20 years along with lots of inline commentary from Scott Adams on the jokes, the reader responses and background.

This is a real treat for longstanding Dilbert fans and newbie accolites alike. There’s an archive DVD of 6,500 cartoons too (if the web’s just too slow for you).

So – thanks Father Christmas. Great pressie!