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Microposting(s) for November 9th through November 11th

These my micropostings and bookmarks – November 9th through November 11th:

  • Manage Relationships From Your Inbox | SocialMinder – Finally starting to see services that combine real world behaviour (eg emailing) with static representations of a network (eg lists of contacts). Ideally, a link/API into desktop applications will follow – eg taking an APML profile, or linking to’s desktop monitoring tool… Still, a start’s a start and it’s interesting for that at the very least.
  • mySociety » Travel-time maps – Interesting multivariate data meeting simplified and useful graphical presentation.
  • carboncreditz™ – Welcome – Earn ‘carbon creditz’ while you shop (think air miles or nectar points) – to be spent on carbon offsets or ‘green’ things (eg Penguin hand-powered LED torch) and eco-stuff.