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Annotating the Planet – Jon Udell: A Google Maps walking tour of Keene, NH

This is a rather fetching screencast from Jon Udell showing how he’s converted a winter’s walk (with GPS device and digital camera) into a mapped ‘walk’ – where each waypoint links to photos, movies and other information.

Looking to a future where we’ll all have GPS chips in our cameraphones, it’s easy to see that ‘personal geo-experience’ maps could take their share of the limelight alongside (written) blogs and (filmed) YouTube files as part of the human testament of experience.

Best of all about this thought is that it moves the emphasis away from the “literary” dominance of the web (ie typing, words, keyboards, written exchanges and discourse), and from ‘filmic’ interlopers and onto a level of recorded, actual movement and experience _in_ our world, and not just _about_ our world.

More “met ya” than “meta”. Interesting.