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Tryptophanic Thanksgiving Turkey-fest


Well, Mr Worley – of previous culinary fame – rather outdid himself on Friday evening: with a stupendous Thanksgiving feast…

Smoked Turkey (yes, that’s right) from “Bubba’s” (the Arkansas Cafe in Spitalfield Market); baked sweet potatoes, greens and, well, more turkey breast.

To follow – pumpkin pie with sweet cream!

After a long week or three of late nights, early mornings and hard days; several courses of food and a bottle or several of wine, we were all feeling a little “tryptophanic” – ie drowsy. Apparently Turkey meat contains a ‘sleeping drug’, although wikipedia rather dashes this excuse…

Next year – given enough space, a fireproof house and a arteries of steel – it’s got to be the deep fried turkey!

Thanks again to Ian, Karen and Doug for a great evening 🙂