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MacIntel machines: can’t print wirelessly

Apple – Support – Discussions – Can’t find Laserwriter 4/600 on network … Either on their own will either make a red light flash or print a test page. Both together will upon release print the “Self Test/Configuration” page. This gives you the IP address (called “HP Jetsend Address”.

Use the print setup utility to do “IP Printing” and enter the IP address from the Self Test sheet. Bingo.

From the configurable options I see that there’s a setting for “Personality” (my printer’s set to “auto”). Anyone have thoughts on the personality options?

Evil? Tetchy? Unhelpful? Unpredictable???


Now, all we need is for Apple to put up a “how to migrate to Intel” site (bit like their old “Switcher” site) to help us through the glitches and the oursourced (ie to customers!) testing regime…

Rather annoying ‘march of progress’ item this: can’t print to my lovely Laserwriter 2100TN (Da Workhorse!) wirelessly. This problem had stumped the MacGenii at the Regent Street Apple shop, so I did some googling (clearly more than the Gurus had bothered doing) and found the article above on the Apple support forums… Bah.

Problem arises when you have a network printer attached to a n ethernet hub. The wireless router attaches to that and the MacBookPro comes to the printer via the Airport and thence via ethernet to the printer. Note that this has worked for years (at least 2001) with the old PowerBooks. Add in the gee-whiz MBP and – erm – nothing. Oddly, you can print if you connect the MBP to the network using an ethernet cable. Ergo, problem is appletalk over wireless.

Leaving aside questions like “what’s the point of appletalk”, the solution I’ve found is to use IP printing.

Method (for the lovely 2100TN):
* press and hold both the power button (big, round) and the cancel button (small, round with triangle in it) together.