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Delicious gets flickr’d: enters the Yahoo! fold

Macworld: News: Yahoo buys social bookmarking firm

Just as I was wondering how delicious, one of my favourite web services, could remain independent, along comes this announcement.

On the basis that all you need to know about people in the web age is what they write (blog) and what they bookmark (delicious) I can understand Yahoo’s interest.

When added to Flickr, Yahoo’s all of a sudden acquired a purpose in life: shared categorisation and linking of “stuff” online: images, blogs, content.

In addition to the explicit, didactic taxonomy of “the search engine” there’s now a social, emergent aspect too.

Most importantly, Yahoo has acquired millions of contributors, editors and exponents.

While I’m sad to see Delicious gobbled up by BigCo (even if that’s A Good Thing for the founders) it’ll help “keep Google honest”, and that must also be A Good Thing.

There’s an interesting article here on Business 2.0 too.