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“iPorn”: pornographers embrace new iPod’s opportunity

Macworld UK – Apple iPod delivers “iPorno” revolution

The adult industry is huge. It’s no secret that it was adult-oriented sites that helped drive demand and technological advance for the Internet itself. The industry is also not scared to experiment.

Playboy’s decision in December last year to release an image gallery of some its models for the iPod photo proves this.

The move by adult sites to embrace Apple’s mass market product is one Apple’s competitors can only envy. Provision of such content may well drive iPod demand even higher.

For speleologists just emerging, the iPod in question is the new video iPod (vPod?)

In order for a pr0n business model to succeed you need to be able to download the material readily and thereafter store/access easily or better still transfer to like-minded souls. I can see than an iPod would solve the personal ‘library’ aspect (although I don’t foresee iTunes offering x-rated material on your .Mac account for a while yet!) but there’s a problem around sharing or exchanging since the iPod’s a ‘read only device’ in conception. Still, where there’s a willy there’s a way.

Still, let not new shiny technology detract from the “ancient art” of ascii porn… ah, those simple, low-bandwidth, high-imagination days of yore!