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Microposting(s) for October 20th through November 21st

These my micropostings and bookmarks – October 20th through November 21st:

  • Feltron Eight – Graphically-lovely, informationally stimulating and generally the sort of thing I wished I’ve have thought of (and had the commitment to actually do… 8 years ago!).

    Just look at the lovely triangle/fractally thing for 2008. Sigh.

  • Wordr – Monoblogging – expressing yourself one word at a time.

    Beautifully-executed site, too.

  • Five qualities of a great iPhone app | Software | iPhone Central | Macworld – Sensible and relates well to the Gap’s recent iPhone app-design competition.
  • launches online service for retailers and manufacturers – Interesting development. As the company moves from price-comparison and basket-switching they realise that a) they are a data business and b) that the grocery retailers need the comparative data maybe more than they need the sales!

    This is a bit like ‘hitwise for grocery consideration’.

    “mySupermarket Insights service will enable clients to view real-time supermarket prices of all products in their categories at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Ocado, in order to help assist their pricing, sales and marketing strategies. In addition to instant access to current pricing data, the service also offers all prices and promotions going back an entire year, and automatically inform clients upon logging in which prices have changed within the past seven days.”

  • Get Started with Wave – The Complete Guide to Google Wave: How to Use Google Wave – Useful. I was confused. Now a little less so, but still no-one to wave to…
  • What’s Happening Now: Hashtags on Twitter Lists « OUseful.Info, the blog… – Twitter lists, Yahoo Pipes… all very clever. I’ll read this one day and maybe understand it…
  • “Fun can change behaviour for the better” – YouTube – Piano stairs – –

    Nice example of visual clues, humour, interaction and situationalist approaches.

    Not sure what VW’s involvement is, but if it’s marketing it’s the sort of fun marketing I like.