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Amsterdam images

Just updated Flickr with some images I took in Amsterdam while at the IADS conference.

I managed to get a couple of hours’ wandering done after the conference and was lucky with some bright, early spring weather: low sun, nice contrast and best of all wonderful wandering weather.

I took a stroll up to the Central Station and then walked along the river/waterfront before cutting back through the station.

I used a combination of my two favourite films atm – Fuji’s 800Z Pro for colour and Neopan 400 for B&W.

The scans were done as ever by the nice folk at Panther Digital but, with the difficulty of getting really solid, contrasty blacks on the 800Z I’m thinking that perhaps it’s time to do a little scanning at home (yes, I know I said I would never do it AND I sold my Nikon scanner ages ago and now wish I hadn’t… Sigh. Moral of the tale – never sell anything!).

amsterdam, photography