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Microposting(s) for February 6th through February 24th

These my micropostings and bookmarks – February 6th through February 24th:

  • Livescribe :: Never Miss A Word – oooh – a tingle of desire.

    Not only (yet another) magic digital pen, BUT it now has a Mac desktop client (yay) AND rather tasty leather-bound pads of specialist paper…

    Tech, stationery, mmmm

    Now, all I need is Pelikan to make a digital fountain pen and heaven beckons!

  • Q&A: Matthew Yeomans on social media measurement | Blog | Econsultancy
  • Brandbook – Notebook World – Oh – heaven is a place on earth. It’s here.

    Not only is this every desirable element in my “Hi Fidelity-esque” Tourette’s Stationery Specification Fetish, but this allows you to construct the very book(s) of your dreams.

    I’ve asked for a quote, but I sense that the cost may be more appropriate for a buying club approach than a personal indulgence…

    It’s made my day though.

    Courtesy of Monocle who’ve gone and had a bunch made (although not as I’d have specc’d of course. Sigh).

  • Leica camera repairs – Luton – Old skool repairs for old skool cameras.
  • ActiveCollab for Agile | activeCollab – Using ActiveCollab for Agile-ish projects…