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Microposting(s) for December 18th through December 27th

These my micropostings and bookmarks – December 18th through December 27th:

  • nativeclient – Google Code – A further step towards the browser supplanting the operating system?

    While google’s Native Client plugin is still simply that, it’s clear that Google’s seeing itself in the middle of the information cycle: finding stuff (google search), reading stuff (Chrome qua ‘browser’), doing things (Chrome qua application delivery/manipulation engine) and now of course supplanting the (bloated?) intermediation of an OS sitting between the browser and the chip.

    While this isn’t going to supplant a developed OS any time soon (eg for musicians, accountants, corporate users, designers) it could make the Netbooks even more powerful: fat wireless, cheap chip, no OS to pay for, Google Docs for wp and storage, and then embedded chunks of functionality running ‘in browser’.

    More interesting by the day. And to think that we used to think that MicroSith was greedy in its ambition for WindozeEverywhere…

  • DiSo Project – “Open, distributed, social” – building an open, interconnected and distributed world, with the first project built on top of WordPress.
  • · Social Networking – Interesting and richly-referenced article on open data exchange, standards and players in social networking.

    From the folks working towards Free Network Services.

  • The Snow Patrol : Criteo – behavioural marketing and merchandising services
  • Casino targets UK with discount e-tail site – “Discount” and “online” – interesting market entry approach from Casino, one of the world’s largest volume retailers. This will make the UK’s electronics market even more competitive.

    Gee-gaws and widgets aside, you need to have massive buying power to compete on price and this offering will bring DSG-esque levels of purchasing power to the UK.

    One to watch – especially with their launch offers…