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Microposting(s) for December 9th from 20:25 to 22:51

These my micropostings and bookmarks – December 9th from 20:25 to 22:51:

  • BBC NEWS | Business | Bratz loses battle of the dolls – Yay!!

    “Bratz dolls are facing removal from all shops after a US federal court banned parent company MGA Entertainment from making the Barbie rival.”

    I’m no fan of Barbie, but kudos to her for killing off the vile, rude, repulsive, disgusting, annoying, nag-bait that is Bratz. As a parent I applaud!

    Not sure how I’ll explain to the kids that restrictive practices on intellectual property, transfer of know-how and passing off came together in a glorious legal storm… Perhaps I’ll just repeat ad infinitum my current chant:

    “Daddy hates Bratz even more than High School Musical(s) 1 through 3”.

    RIP Bratz. We’ll miss you – not.

  • Honeyshed – Reinventing Shopping for the Digital Generation – OMG! “Reinventing” as in “reproducing TV Shopping for the MTV Generation”!

    Er – a jukebox of flash/flashy video shot in that low-budget-but-not-amateur-but-not way, promoting products.

    Wow. Feel the quake.

    That said, a nice way for a small group of people to work a video+ webcast+ youtube+ affiliate+ yoot angle. Good luck to them.

    Cunning, yes: revolution? no.

  • Domain Name Wire » News » Standard Tactics, LLC: How GoDaddy Profits from Expired Domains – The Domain Industry’s News Source – Ouch.