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Microposting(s) for November 24th through November 25th

These my micropostings and bookmarks – November 24th through November 25th:

  • ecommr: a collection of e-commerce interface and design elements – “ecommr is a website showcasing the best (and sometimes worst) in e-commerce design, with a clear focus on the individual elements that make up online stores. We break down retailers and focus on individual user interface elements in order to provide a gallery of inspiration for designers, developers, information architects, and anyone working with online retail. ”

    Found via @offmessage’s bookmarks.

  • Westfield London passes 2 million visitors – 2 million visitors at Westfield.
  • All The Rage – A delightful, quirky and interesting accidental discovery here: “All the Rage” is a “free, funny PDF magazine for unusual people”. I think they could also have said “by” unusual people.

    They further say “All The Rage is an entertaining, poorly-designed, non-trendy response to lifestyle magazines. For the mag, as for its readers, content has had to come before style. Print it out and leave it somewhere when you’ve finished.”

    This is certainly something to have alongside one’s copy of Monocle (!) and SlightlyFoxed.

    A lucky find, courtesy of the editor being on the friend list of a new contact on upcoming. Social media? Nah – ‘serendipitous media’!