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JustTheOne BBQ – photos

the scoff laid out...

Now that summer is but a distant memory (in London at least) I turned to the photos of the BBQ for sunny solace and realised that I’d not shared them. Mea culpa, etc.

The BBQ was held in July and was a great success. Massive thanks to Ian Worley at Flow for not only being a great sport in volunteering his offices (heh), but for taking on the role of BBQ-meister with such relish and inadequacy-inducing competence. Karen at Flow also galley-slaved for Britain, while keep a cool head in a hot kitchen and John Thew was a serene presence, filling empty hands with full beer bottles and, at 2am, tried nobly to persuade a black cab to take him south of the river. The River Tamar… 😉

Photos from the evening (and the night before’s preparations) are on the JT1 BBQ 2008 photoset page. If you took any photos you’d like to share then please tag them with “jt1” and “bbq”.

By popular demand we’ll try something like this again next summer, so any budding chef’s or owners of shareable BBQ space please feel free to volunteer now!

Normal pub/bar service will resume in October or early November. Please let me know good venue suggestions in the Clerkenwell/Holborn/Bloomsbury area otherwise we’ll be back at St Chad’s.

Thanks again to Ian, Karen, John and all who helped clean up.

UPDATE: to join the list go to, and for those of you who’ve changed jobs please resubscribe ‘cos I’ve set the list to delete bounces 🙂