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Quilter Street Olives: part the final – the eating

Since deciding to try and “make olives” from my meagre harvest last year I’ve had some fun with the daily-then-weekly brine changing. The olives have survives forgetfulness, over-zealous cleaners who though something was “going off” and curious children ‘helping’ with washing up…

Now that the buds are showing for this year’s crop it was time to eat the olives…

Olives ready to eat.

I removed them from the brine, rinsed and soaked in fresh water and then covered in oil.

I tried a couple and, tbh, they were a bit bland and the flesh was soft. I think I’d left them too long in the brine. Still, they were palatable, if not entirely more-ish.

Manon went first with the tasting… then Alice… and the overall result was:


So – the result is that Manon liked them, Alice hated them. Vicky and I were indifferent.

This coming year, apart from hoping I get more than a few dozen, I think I’ll be more attentive to the water changing, take them out more promptly and consider seasoning them for a period.

If you’ve any suggestions I’d love to hear them in the comments.

Photoset is here: the Quilter Street Olives.

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