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Facebook – can’t rely on the news feed


One of the great things about Facebook (FB) is the ability to ‘keep tabs’ on friends and see what they’re up to. One assumes (assumed!) that this information was correct (it’s a computer, after all, dammit!) and that one’s own activities would be faithfully reproduced.

However, it looks as though FB’s having a moment of poetic licence by claiming that I’m heading off to a rave on Friday.

Flattered though I am to be portrayed as someone who can still remain awake after 10pm and a second pint of cocoa, it was clear to Jon Bovard that this was an error…

Thanks for sending through the evidence Jon – not quite sure what to make of it (other than taking my news feed with a pinch of proverbial salt from now on).

It’s the complex system taking on a life of its own…

UPDATE: 20070808 – Julian’s just mailed me to say:

Just read your note – i saw that news feed item, as it also told me my wife was attending same.

Similarly it told me you had written on my wife’s walll, and since i don’t think you’ve met her, i thought it was odd, until i discovered it was in fact a farcebook lie .. I think its Borked !

I’ve mailed Facebook’s “Help” pixies – let’s see what they say…

Oh – if your newsfeed say that I’m approaching your wives and children to go clubbing it’s not true. Necessarily…. 😉

UPDATE: 20070809

Facebook’s help pixie says:

We are aware of the problem that you described and hope to resolve it as
soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience. Let me know if you have
any further questions.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

Customer Support Representative

That’ll be an answer, then.