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“Welcome to Westminster” – traffic warden’s contribution to the Tour de France

This made me chuckle: an over-zealous, non-cycling, generally unaware parking attendant in Westminster seems to have missed the fact that Pall Mall was closed specifically for the TDF official cars, but hey ho. Can’t imagine this being chased all the way round the Tour though…

Otherwise it was a really fun day: hanging out with Matthew and Al, shuffling along the Mall and watching the heads of cyclists we didn’t know pass in a blur in the distance.

London seemed to swallow the vast number of spectators, and some welcome sun gave everything a warm, holiday feel. Despite so many roads being closed there seemed to be limited disruption (I scootered straight into town and parked easily on St Martin’s Lane, just a few mins from the screen, stands and presentation area in Trafalgar square). The wide space on the Mall and Pall Mall meant that there wasn’t really a crush anywhere.

Now, all I need to do is watch what happened on the telly 😉