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Blair to Brown: Day at-a-glance

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose? Maybe not. The main humour in the day – amidst the tears, posturing, sobs and statistics – is the fact that the UK will be rudderless, leaderless, and generally all at sea for 15-30 minutes (between Blair resigning to HMtheQueen and Brown ambling over to kiss her hand). I love these momentary ‘lacunae’ – surely, there’s an opportunity for a blockbuster thriller to be set in the 15 minutes of power transfer… 🙂

I wonder whether the 15 mins gap is to allow the Prime Ministerial limo to be valeted?

Of more interest though is an article from Spiked on 10 reasons why Brown isn’t fit to be Prime Minister – it’s a sobering list to recall amidst the hype, the promises, the government of ‘all the talents’. This is a man who’s taken a full part in government for the last decade; complicit at least with all of the decisions and wielding unprecedented power over domestic politics. It’s going to take more than a spray of Teflon Makeover Juice to make Iraq, pensions, habeus corpus, smoking bans, higher taxes and the general smog of “miserabilism” fade from the front of our minds – especially for those who believed in the new start and opportunities presented in the post-Thatcher era (if indeed we are yet Post-Thatcher…).

At the Innovation Reading Circle last night I heard Andy Keen vent some anti-Web2.0 spleen and it made me wonder whether we’re about to see some anti-Labour2.0 outpourings. That’s if anyone can get over their apathy and disappointment to care enough to rant.