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Helvetica: A documentary film by Gary Hustwit

Came across this interesting film:

Helvetica is a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. It looks at the proliferation of one typeface (which will celebrate its 50th birthday in 2007) as part of a larger conversation about the way type affects our lives. The film is an exploration of urban spaces in major cities and the type that inhabits them, and a fluid discussion with renowned designers about their work, the creative process, and the choices and aesthetics behind their use of type.

Anyone got a spare cinema or screening room I could borrow so we can show it? Happy to do the organising if it’s the only way I get to see the film… 🙂

Who’da thought that typefaces would get films, eh? I’ve seen some films so awful that the credits were the best part, but this is certainly a step up. I’m now going to have a cold shower to avoid a bout of ‘punning Tourette’s’ on font films!