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Christmas Snow – Shoots @ Lupe Gallery

Well, another fun session at Seamus Ryan’s Lupe Gallery just off Columbia Road.

Many moons ago I posted about the ‘Sunday Shoots’ that Seamus used to run – in our case we caught his “windswept” session. These were a real laugh and very inventive.

Much to my upset Lupe has stopped opening on Sundays (coinciding with the Columbia Road Flower Market) and has returned to being predominantly a working studio. While the footfall in the gallery/studio space was always very healthy I can understand that it may not have converted well enough into sales.

Still, in a combination of community spirit, humour and ongoing project work, Seamus opens the gallery on an approximately monthly basis for his “Sunday Shoots”. These take a theme and are open to all-comers to pose (or should I say “participate”.

The “Snow” shoot took the form of a converted PhotoMe booth, replete with the obligatory wind machine (which Manon just LOVES), blobs of cotton-wool snow and strings of snow-like cotton wool, blowing in the breeze. A rather nice medium format camera (with very fast, sharp digital back – a new acquisition? 😉 ) was in place of the usual camera and the results were near-instantly available outside the booth to see.

Have a look at some of the other images – we’re in “Snow Booth 2” on the Sunday Shoots website. You can see a lovely one of Caroline, lovely neighbour, with Alice; Manon posing alone; me and Manon and then this of Manon, Alice and me.

Oh – note that this image and all the other are (c) Seamus Ryan.

Oh#2 – we’re all shouting “SNOW”, by the way, rather than yo-ho-ho-ing.