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“Just the One”: November 28, 2006

Venue details.

So, with Christmas approaching we’re seizing the opportunity to have the last drinks we could without having to call them “Christmas Drinks”.

Time, then, for another “just the one” gathering – a chance to meet and catch up on life, jobs, business, tech toys and whatever else takes your fancy. The last one was in August so lots will have happened since then…

I’ve had a quick chat with the venue and it seems that we’re safe from antler-wearing Christmas parties (for now!) so there’s no need for any weird outfits. Unless you want to of course.

So – to summarise:

Venue: St Chads
Date: 28 November (Tues)
Time: 1830hours onwards.

Let me know if you’re coming – looking forward to seeing y’all.

UPDATE: ooooh – we’ve now got a website – It’s remarkable for adding nothing at all to this info, except for a link to the mailman list management interface. We’ve also, obviously, got a list. If we’ve missed you in error please just subscribe. Any queries to the ListOwner. 🙂