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Gawker Artists: great use for unsold ad inventory

While looking at Gizmodo this morning, following a link from the RSS feed, I saw a striking image of a mouse and the curious “Gawker Artists” watermark. Intrigued, I came across this lovely idea: giving the ‘ad spaces’ to a roster of artists when there are no sold ads.

There are a number of ad networks which offer to serve ads into unsold inventory spaces, but this is a really fun twist.

It’s a dream for public art and arts promoters – sadly, it’s a dream that can only exist when you’re an “A List” blog with enough traffic to pick up the statistically rare “good” artist (and not the statistically ever-present ‘artist manque’ that’s in us all…). Add that to a sense of humour and style and you’ve got something which other people are probably at this moment begging the Arts Council to fund.


Adam Stennett was the artist who caught my eye, btw, and his website’s, predictably, at