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“Just the one”: August. New venue!

Venue details.

Well, it’s ‘that time of year again’ (ie a few months after our last drink 😉 ).

Time for another “just the one” gathering – a chance to meet and catch up on life, jobs, business, tech toys and whatever else takes your fancy. The last one was in May so lots will have happened since then – not least of which, of course, is the loss of Mr Winter to London Town due to the recent family relocation to York. Still, Wednesdays are usually a ‘London Client Day’, hence our meeting again on Wednesday August 2, 2006.

We’ve decided on (drumroll) a change of venue. Yes, 6 years at Clerkenwell House have sped by, but a chancg of venue is called for. Somewhere with that urban feel, background DJ, and an ‘indoor-outdoor’ blending of space (ie street if it’s fine, space inside if not).

Thanks to Jayne and before that Paul we have a new venue to try: St Chad’s. Conveniently located near Kings Cross station. Yet also conveniently located not too near Kings Cross Station. Link above has maps.

So – to summarise:

Venue: St Chads
Date: 2 August (Weds)
Time: 1830hours onwards.

Let me know if you’re coming – looking forward to seeing y’all.