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Spiked! “What next for humanity” survey

spiked | What next for humanity?

This is a nice project from Spiked! (and makes a change from the risk-worry-related events of the last year or two). A forward-looking, fun and wide-ranging set of views on the ‘future of 2024’.

There’s such a broad range of views that it’s difficult to synthesise, so I won’t even try: skim the site for some interesting thoughts. If we were talking politics we’d call this extensive consultation, the Big Talk or such tosh. Bravo to Spiked! for calling it a survey 😉

Here’s one summation worth quoting:

To sum up so far, in the words of television producer Paul Marquess’ contribution on new trends in broadcasting, ‘And where will that all lead? Haven’t got a clue. But it could be interesting.’