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Jog4John: Sponsor my run!


As you’ll all know I hate:

  • running
  • sponsored events.

However, I have been brought out of “retirement” and ‘de-grumped’ to do a sponsored 5-mile run in – erk – a fortnight. That’s exactly less than no time to reverse the ravages of Tubby Time and run for the first time since 1997.

The run is to raise money for John (our “back door neighbour”) who was diagnosed with leukaemia four years ago, just before the birth of his daughter, Dolly. He has been fighting the condition since then with a rigorous health regime, all while being a deputy head at a school in Tower Hamlets (hardly opting for the easy life there!). Our girls sit on the back wall and pester Barney (their boy) and distract Dolly from her bath/supper/whatever, and Vicky climbs over the wall for coffees and chats with Carolyn. Having them as neighbours is a major part of the enjoyment we derive from living in our ‘hood.

John’s treatment is massively expensive and a family friend of theirs, Lorraine, came up with the idea to hold a sponsored run to raise money to help with the medical bills. I’ve copied the bulk of her note after the jump and it puts the position well. 

Running is a no-brainer and sponsoring me is of course also a necessity!

You can donate/sponsor by paypal. Click the link and give more than 50p (to cover the costs etc). There’s clearly no maximum. In return I’ll post some photos of me in my running kit (eek – may not be appropriate to view in the workplace or with young children) as well as a list of donors.

Don’t delay, make payment today – the run’s on 15 July.

International readers may like to know that 5miles is approximately 8km, or the equivalent of a full marathon distance (when I tell the tale in the bar later 😉 ). 

Lorraine Pond’s lovely letter is below:

A Request for a Friend

I am asking you to join me in an event which I think will be great fun – but more importantly has a very clear mission – I want to raise money for John Clark and his family and I want you to help me.

John Clark was diagnosed with Leukaemia shortly after his youngest daughter; Dolly was born, nearly four years ago.

He has been undertaking one of the most stringent treatments I’ve heard of for the past eighteen months, this includes a daily routine which begins at 6.00am and finishes near to midnight.  It has been the dedication and commitment to this treatment that has awed and inspired me.  For John it’s about saving his life – to be present at his youngest daughter’s wedding.

 Not one day passes that I don’t think about him, his family and their ever enduring pressure.  What is also incredible, and still astounds me, is that John has been doing this treatment, whilst supporting his family and working full time as a deputy head, teaching in Tower Hamlets.  Many people find the job as deputy head pretty exhausting in its own right without having the added routine of daily juicing, enemas, medication and application of medication.

They have, as a family been remarkably resilient, they hold together and his wife, Carolyn is a rock on which they all also depend.   As you can imagine this is emotionally and physically stressful for all of them, it takes its toll and it has been a living, daily, nightmare so far.

The emotional cost has been extensive, but so has the financial one.  The financial burden of paying for this treatment and continuing it is huge and this is why I want us to come together to raise money to help them in their journey.

The Jog – the journey  – Saturday 15th July – 09.30am start

I have partly and briefly described the journey the family has taken so far, now the journey of the “Jog for John”.

It will be a 5 mile jog – there is no pressure and it can be pleasantly walked!  The route will be from the London Hospital through to the Thames Barrier – taking in Mile end Park and sweeping down the River Thames.  Maps will be provided and markers will be placed to point the route and make sure all participants are on the right track!

The Jog will be started off by a local celebrity – and will finish with a fabulous reception at the Brick Lane Music Hall for tea and cakes, again maps will be provided to point you in the direction of the Music Hall – which is not far from the Thames Barrier.

I am grateful to you for considering this request.  If you do decide to participate in this and want to do the “Jog for John” then please let me know on any of the numbers or email listed below.

I have enclosed sponsorship forms and could you please send all funds raised to me at the above address, marking the envelope “J4J” and making all cheques payable to John Clark, before the end of July.

Thank you once again for considering this request; I know that you too want to do what you can to support John and his family.

Yours sincerely

Lorraine Pond

 I’ve removed Lorraine’s contact details so that she’s not spammed. If you’d like to run too just let me know and I’ll pass on your details – note that you’ll still have to sponsor me though 😉

Brava to Lorraine for arranging this.